MP3 Childrens Songs

MP3 Child Songs

We have free MP3 downloads of kids songs. One way for children to be motivated to learn an instrument or get involved with music is to fall in love with great music.

Children can do this at 4 months in the womb!

You can now download Kinderjazz children's songs on MP3 via iTunes.  Choose individual children's MP3 songs or download a whole album.

Each MP3 children's song will add to your child's repertoire, giving them the exposure they would only get living in a musical family full of professional players.

Your children can benefit from the many ways music can make a difference to their future.    If you're not convinced, read up on what the experts say on our Articles Page.    The time to start in RIGHT NOW.   In a blink of an eye they will be teenagers and young adults.   For those of you who sing like Picasso, KINDERJAZZ MP3 children's songs can be used as a way into music you never thought possible.    In a recent survey done on the Y generation ie. 15-29yr olds, they were asked to name what was most important to them in their lives and MUSIC and RELATIONSHIPS came equal first on the list.    Surprisingly, it wasn't sport or travelling or even food and shelter.    You can now give them a chance to have the best education regardless of their circumstances.   Children's songs via MP3 is a cost effective way of introducing them to great music while they have fun.  

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