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MP3 Format Child Songs free for parents to download

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MP3 Music - Child Songs

Here are four complete Kinderjazz MP3 songs for your child to download and play on your computer. Just click on a song title and either save that file to your hard drive or play it immediately in your MP3 player.

MP3 is a compressed audio format that is has practically replaced CD's.   It combines almost CD quality audio with very small file sizes. If you don't have the software required to play MP3 files, you can download it from various sources for free. See below for a list of MP3 playing software.      Just click on the name below for each free song:-

Guess the Name - MP3 Child Songs

This track features on our self titled, debut album

Latino Bambino - MP3 Child Songs)
(Latino Bambino - 1998)

The Conga Man - MP3 Songs for Children

The Conga Man is taken from  our third album
(Swing Right Through this Town - 1999)

Tu-Baba-Luma - MP3 Songs for your Child

This track features on our fourth album
(Tu-Baba-luma - 2001)

Child Songs in MP3 by KinderJazz

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The above recordings are provided by the copy-right owner Christobel Llewellyn, for non-commerical distribution and hence, are legitimate and completely legal.    Just click on each song title to download these files.

If you enjoy these samples of the unique Kinderjazz sound, go to the Kindershop page and look at what else we have on offer.

Download an MP3 Player Child Songs

To play or listen to MP3 files you’ll need a player program or a portable player that supports MP3. The latest versions of Windows and Mac have built-in players, but it’s better to use programs like Winamp or MacAMP that are easier to use and offer more features.

To listen to streaming audio or Internet radio your best bet is a player that supports multiple standard streaming formats such as the latest versions of Windows Media Player.