Can you unlock your child's genius by exposing them to the right kind of music?

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Music Tuition by KINDERJAZZ

               Our new album is available NOW.......Teddy Bear's Picnic..  

 Check it out on the CD page. or if you are outside Australia, our CD Baby Store is shown below in US Dollars.  

Kinderjazz Wins Best Latin Children's Song At April 2016 Akademia Awards  for 'Latin Alphabet' 



     Kids Music & Music Tuition by KINDERJAZZ   

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KINDERJAZZ is a unique concept in the world of kid's music.   A 12 piece Big Band featuring Jazz, Latin, Funk, Swing, Broadway, Boogie and even Country music especially written for children.  The only one of it's kind in the world!


Great news for the parent who has no time!       Ofcourse taking your children to live music played by professional musicians is the best way to introduce them to music, but  buying and listening to KINDERJAZZ CDs is the next best thing to introduce music to kids before they even learn to walk.    We have seven different kids CD's.    Each children's CD is uniquely crafted to suit the different tastes and learning styles of each child.





   100% money back guarantee on all our kid's CD's.   We are so sure you will love our kid's CDs we are prepared to take all the risk and offer a full refund if you don't agree these are the best children's CDs you've ever heard!


 We have made a deliberate effort to  lay the foundation for music education, introducing children to a huge variety of instruments and sounds.  

 Children can absorb all they need to learn while having fun. Music is the only thing we have that has no barrier to learning whether it be gender, race, creed or finance or indeed intellect.

The amazing paradox of the power of music is that even though it is not experienced through our intellect (it actually goes through our emotions), the more your children hear good quality kids music, the more intelligent they will become.  Every single cell in our minds and bodies grows with music.  KINDERJAZZ is truly music education without the stress.

 Our newest CD is  here.

It's a little bit KinderLatin.

We have over 30 years experience in educating kids through music and know that just through exposure to complex music children's brains can be nurtured, their imagination and natural creativity extended and emotions positively expressed, resulting in an all round happier, more capable  child.  


In our 21st century time poor world, it is essential that we boost our children's emotional intelligence through excellent quality kid's music and live music experiences. 

We are living in a visual age where listening skills are diminishing yet our auditory system is fully formed at 20 weeks in utero. We need to wait another 7 months before our eyesight is fully functional. Think about it!    What's more important to a child's development?   Nature obviously thinks it's listening!

Music Tuition for Kids by KINDERJAZZ

A blog site written by the producer of KINDERJAZZ, Christobel Llewellyn is dedicated to teaching children about music.


The more your children listen to quality kid's music, the more capable they will grow.   KINDERJAZZ caters for pre-school and primary school children through concerts which can be the best way to introduce your child to music and stimulate their talents.

 We also have free downloads and kid's music CD's and video 
(soon to be DVD!).


Jazz songs are written in every key signature so kids can learn about the whole range of sounds and instruments. You can also download free colouring-in pages for your children to learn about musical instruments.

 KINDERJAZZ has 12 professional musicians:-  


 two singers

 three saxophones (alto,tenor and baritone)

 two trumpets

 a trombone


 double bass


 PLUS a latin percussionist on congas! 

 This amazing Big Band for Kids amounts to a huge variety of sound and excellent exposure to the world of kid's music for your child.    Every song has a groove and is enormous fun for kids.  They can sing, play and dance to the beat, learn fairytales and laugh to the antics of a kid's musical big band. 

Michael Loman, Executive Producer of Sesame Street said

" Your music sounds good and I'm sure children enjoy the various instruments used during the performances."  


Now is the time to give your children a head start.   KINDERJAZZ is music tuition at it's best and most natural. 






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"No education is complete without music...."  US National Commission on Education