"For the 2000 season we engaged Kinderjazz to deliver a workshop telling the story of jazz for an audience of children aged 2-12 yrs and their parents..... it sold out!   I found the Kinderjazz ensemble to have outstanding musicianship as well as the ability to enagage and educate."  

Ross Heathcote, Education Officer, Government House Sydney.


" The concept is original, the music is stunning, and the talent impressive."

Kathy McKerrow, Warner Vision Australia


"I found the workshops facinating and informative.    They cater for a wide range of ability and age groups.   I highly recommend them for all students."

Karen Carey, Head of Music, MLC School, Burwood


"I'm very pleased to see Kinderjazz taking their "message" into schools and the wider community...what a bonus for everyone!"

Don Burrows, Legendary Australian educator and jazz musician


"Kinderjazz's new album goes off like a stick of dynamite. Fabulous arrangements, fantastic compositions, played by some of my favourite musicians.   Jam packed full of jumpin' jazz - it's a party for your kids."

Monica Trapaga, Jazz singer and icon Australian children's entertainer from PLAYSCHOOL and DISNEY'S PLAY HOUSE.


" There is something heart warming about watching children enjoy jazz.   Adults often intellectualise the music and they forget to appreciate it in it's purest sense.   I sat down with my three year old son to enjoy this recording and it was a hit from the first four bars.   On the second playing he was singing along and dancing to many of the great jazz solos.   Kinderjazz not only touches that spiritual element of swing essential to all good jazz, but by design, it also remembers that children can learn while having fun.   Spin the disc and watch them dance.   The children may actually end up showing the adults how to really enjoy good jazz!"

John Morrison, Swing City


"Kinderjazz's newest CD "TU-BABA-LUMA" (the fourth no less) introduces it's excited young audiences to the rhythms and colours of Latin music while still remaining faithful to it's original goal of bringing live big band swing music to very young people.

How satisfying it must be to be involved in this fun filled music teaching and be part of the fast growing popularity that Kinderjazz enjoys!

The compositions are catchy, the arrangements colourful and the performance, as expected with these dedicated artists, first class.

The music of Kinderjazz's 'TU-BABA-LUMA' offers ample opportunity for tiny hands to join in on maracas, guiros and tambourines or just dance and move to the rhythms.

It's audience participation with quality live instrumental music."

John Speight, Artistic Director, Manly International Jazz Festival

"THE WRONG NOTE TANGO  is an exuberant celebration of a trumpet player who finds his calling as a singer, a riotous narrative is played out through fun vowel patterns.   From cheeky dischordant harmonies that defy prediction emerges a compelling tune so memorable that you will dance the Wrong Note Tango long after the music has stopped.   A liberating piece from 9 yr old Imogen for those who like to singo wrongo every now and then."

Dr Elissa Drew, Gifted and Talented Educator, Sydney

"This quirky take on "Sleeping Beauty" is a toe-tapping, body-bopping treat!   A jaunty melody lends stong definition to the musical fairy tale, in which all the familiar ingredients of royal palaces, cursed spindles and long slumbers star comfortably alongside trilling witches and the handsome Prince George in orange flares.   It's hard not to sing along to this creative, energetic piece created by 10 yr old Miles!"

Dr Elissa Drew, Gifted and Talented Educator, Sydney

On JACK AND THE BEANSTALK - "A classic tale is given a new dimension by this spirited piece, capturing moods of youthfulness, suspense and ultimate triumph.    The story unfolds in cleverly simple rhyme, with which 12-year-old Stephanie creates a delightfully effective "bare bones" narrative.   We are treated to a variety of musical styles as the giant - fe fi fo fum! - seems to assume a Scottish character, although dynamic trumpet ensures that these interludes are integrally connected."

Dr Elissa Drew, Gifted and Talented  Educator, Sydney


"There is so much synthesised music recorded for kids.    It is great to hear a "real band" with real instruments, especially the trombone tracks.   Kids don't usually get to hear this beautiful instrument.   Kinderjazz has beautifully produced the unique sound of trombones.   I hope it encourages more students to consider playing one."

Ed Wilson, music publisher, educator, big band leader, arranger and jazz trombonist.


"There are so many kids shows around today that follow a similar formula.   It is so refreshing to hear some live, swingin' music that the little ones can get their teeth into.   Special mention must be made of the great work from the Trombone 6tet - "What a sound!"   My son will definitely be getting plenty of this one!"

Dan Barnett, singer, jazz trombonist, big band leader and corporate entertainer.


In an era when many children could be forgiven for thinking that music is solely the product of MP3 players, computers and a myriad of other digital sources, it is refreshing to hear this latest CD from KINDERJAZZ, a group dedicated to presenting live music to younger children.   KINDERJAZZ offers children the opportunity to hear quality Jazz and Latin based arrangements in a format that is both accessible and fun, with an emphasis on spontaneity and fine jazz sololing.

The One For Me is a fine sampler of what the band delivers in live performance....my own personal favourites are "Tuba Guy and The Conga Man", a Tuba/Conga duet , and "Before I Go Inside", an engaging big band swinger featuring Debra Dicembre's fine vocal.   This CD and the band's live shows are a great way for children to discover where music really comes from......



Martin Highland, Freelance Sydney Drummer, percussion tutor at Sydney Grammar and Fort Street High Schools and notable Australian music educator.