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Shotgun Review from Washington DC
By Kyrby Raine
Shotgun -- Apr 23, 2007 --

Kinderjazz - “Swing Right Through This Town”

Monday, April 23rd, 2007


Kinderjazz is the children’s group you wish could’ve visited your school in those lunchbox days.

Hailing from Australia, Kinderjazz is a 12-piece jazz orchestra that, as you could guess from their name, focuses on entertaining kids. It’s a brilliant idea that is professionally and engagingly executed, featuring lively, rainbow-colored songs with enough ambitious arrangements to be taken seriously even by the toughest of critics.

No, this isn’t some joke act that you’d find on Dr. Demento nor is it a slice of K-Mart cheese. Kinderjazz mixes jazz, blues, and world music in a freshly packaged and witty manner. “Guess the Name” has a vibrant, speaker-filling Big Band punch that’ll knock out adults as well as children, who’ll probably focus on the goofiness of the lyrics. Oddly enough, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” has demented male vocals which recall the post-punk stylings of the late Klaus Nomi.

Swing Right Through This Town is simply a fun album. It’ll make you dance and smile, bring sunshine on the most rainy of days. Highly recommended to preteens of all ages.